To improve liver function Nobile Vet has created Eutox: complementary feed by harnessing the synergy of selected plants and cleansing properties, like Cardio mariano (with a high titration in Silymarin) and the artichoke, help the physiological functions of the liver and together with phosphatidylcholine, present in the compound, improve lipid metabolism. Eutox is useful as an aid in the case of slow liver function, even in situations of major suffering of its functionality, as in the case of fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome. Eutox:

  • has a business-protective effect thanks to the antioxidant and antifibrotic
  • significantly improves ultrasound evidence of steatosis
  • significantly improves the liver damage
  • It is very well tolerated
  • Activity Protection of cell membranes
  • Contrast to inflammatory substances and oxidants
  • Restoration of liver functions
  • Reduction of insulin resistance


Use method


  • Cardo Mariano 80% 6g
  • Artichoke e.s. 5% 4g
  • Phosphatidylcholine 4g
  • Vit. E 4g
  • Yeast Methionine (equal to 0.0005g of Selenium) 0,1g
  • Maltodextrin 1,9g