Keramos | pasta spalmabile defaticante | lenitiva | astringente | rinfrescante

Pasta spalmabile con proprietà astringenti, lenitive, defaticanti. Previene le infezioni. È consigliabile usare la pasta dopo il lavoro, ma รจ indicata anche in caso di traumi, gonfiori, abrasioni e per la prevenzione delle infezioni comuni.


  • 4Kg bucket

  • 8Kg bucket

Use method

  • Can be used as a temporary relief in case of swelling and/or heating of the limbs tips. It removes easily with water after 12/24 hours. Then repeat if necessary.

    Feet: apply a layer to keep the right humidity and frog wall.

Is important to avoid use on areas previously treated with disenfectants, dyes, or other homeopathic products topically applied. In this cases must be thoroughgly cleaned with soap and water, taking care to remove any residue of previous treatments.