Kineo 100

Kineo 100|Vitamin E|feeding with cereal|no fresh forage|Vitamin E deficiency

Horses that are not grazing naturally for at least 12 hours per day will be deficient of Vitamin E and a supplement will be required in the diet.


  • 500ml bottle

Use method

  • Feed daily at the rate of 10 / 30 ml to deliver 1000 / 3000 IU per day. The feeding level depends on the type of the horse, level activity, nutritional and management practices that affect vitamin E needs.

  • Maintenance: 10/15ml

  • Intense training: 20/30ml

  • Pregnant e lacting mares: 20ml

  • Foal: 20ml

Composition (500ml)

  • Sunflower oil 400g
  • Vitamin E (as dl-alpha-tocopherol acetate) 100g

Store at room temperature or under refrigeration. Avoid freezing or excessive heat.