Mys|Essential amino acids|branched chain amino acids|ready to use energy|horse complementary fodder

This is a complementary feed supplement that provides essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids in the correct proportions. The primary function of the amino acids is that of being involved with protein synthesis which is necessary for cell renewal. The amino acids go on to form the core component of any organism. They also have a modest but not negligible importance in energy production. Some amino acids are also precursors of compounds that have important biological functions.


  • 40 sachet 16g

Use method

  • Mares: It helps the development of the fetus, improve the scope and quality of the milk, it helps keep fit mother.

  • Foals: improves development and growth, helps the recovery after any debilitating disease.

  • Stallions: it is a valuable aid to keep the stallion fit during the breeding season.

  • Competition horses: it helps promote the growth of muscle mass, and helps to eliminate the build up of lactic acid in the muscles.

Composition (1 sachet)

  • L-leucina 3,5g
  • L-valine 1,5g
  • L-Isoleucina 1,5g
  • Arginine 1,5g
  • L-lisina 1,5g
  • Metionine 800mg
  • Glutamine 1,3g
  • Vit. B6 100mg
  • Vit. E 200mg
  • Maltodextrin 4g
  • Green apple flavor 100mg