Serenare|nutritional supplement|complementary feed|nevrile temperament|horses stressed by a particular event

Serenare contains a balanced and careful selection of components which can calm the horse leaving more clarity and strength to carry out his competitive performance. It is a nutritional supplement useful with all horses that have a nevrile temperament or are stressed by a special event (condition strees, trips, competitions, ...)


  • 1000ml bottle

  • 10 sachets 100gr

Use method

  • 100ml or 100gr for 5 or 6 days.

Composition (1L)

  • Griffonia 2gr.
  • Magnolia 7gr.
  • Hypericum 1,5gr
  • Escoltzia 3,50gr
  • Melatonin 0,08gr
  • Triptofano 0,70gr
  • L-Glutamine 2,50gr
  • Vit. B6 0,035gr
  • Aspartame 3,0 gr
  • Water
  • Carboxymethylcellulose
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Methylparahydroxybenzoate

Composition (1Kg)

  • Griffonia 1,4gr
  • Magnolia 3,5gr
  • Hypericum 0,7gr
  • Escoltzia 3,50gr
  • Melatonin 0,08gr
  • L-Triptofano 0,70gr
  • L-Glutamine 2,50gr
  • Vit. B6 0,035gr
  • Aspartame 3,0 gr
  • Excipients
  • Sugar
  • Maltodextrin

Not use in combination with products that have the same properties, if not on the advice of veterinary surgeon.