Sim-Bios|nutritional supplement|inulin|Chestnut bark|brewer's yeats|recover intestinal flora

Sim-Bios is a complementary feed with high concentration of micro-organisms with probiotic activity, that help to recover intestinal flora. It helps provide a normal, healthy gut function and helps to protect against infection and inflammation


  • 12 sachets 50g

Use method

  • Horses: 2 sachet dayli for 5 or 6 days

  • Foal: 1 sachet dayli for 5 or 6 days

Composition (1Kg)

  • Inulin 400g
  • Lb Casei 2g
  • Lb Bulgaris 16g
  • Lb Sporogenes 52g
  • Brewer yeats 200g
  • Chestnut bark 200g
  • Maltodextrin 130g

Ingredients property

a sugar that is not digested by the intestine that stimulates the growth of non-pathogenic gut bacteria and also increased the absorption of certain minerals.
Chestnut Bark
which has been documented for its use as an astringent, and stomach tonic.
Brewers Yeast
contains micro-organisms that encourage the return of healthy intestinal flora.