Tendis|nutritional supplement|tendons|fibre reinforcement|prevent break down of tendon fibres

This is a dietary complement formulated with essential ingredients for tendons and ligaments. The ingredients of Tendis are choosed and mixed togheter for their strong synergic activity. Tendis can provide all of the essential micronutrients for the tendon and contrast the morpho-functional alteration. Restoring freedom of movement.


  • 40 bustine 50g

Use method

  • 1 sachet a day mixed with daily feed ration.

  • Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate (ornithine) 10g
  • C Vitamine 2g
  • Proline 10g
  • Glycine 4g
  • Leucine 3g
  • Lisine 2g
  • Valine 2g
  • Alanine 2g

Animal exclusive use product , consult your veterinarian in case of kidney or liver disease and pregnant

Ingredients property

Ornitine alpha-ketoglutarate (ornitine)
Substance that blocks the catabolic phase induced tendon injury and antagonizes the inflammatory processes, stimulates growth hormone.
C Vitamine
Affects metabolism of connective tissue tendon
Together with vitamin C is transformed into hydroxyproline, an amino acid essential for collagen
Glycine, Leucine, Lysine, Valine, Alanine
Essential amino acids for growth and the synthesis of proteins essential for the tendon